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Guided Reading

Generative Instruction
A strategy to promote reading comprehension skills of elementary and middle school students with disabilities.

Guided Reading
Guided reading provides teachers the opportunity to observe and listen to each child as he or she reads aloud.


Geoboards are grids of pegs that can hold rubber bands in position.

Multiple Representations

Speakersí gestures can reveal knowledge that they have but cannot yet articulate.

Note Taking

Guided Notes
Guided notes can help students distinguish between more important and less important lecture content.


Graphic Organizers
a literacy learning tool for students at all grade levels, especially students with strong visual skills.

Graphic Organizers for High School Algebra
Teachers should model the use of the graphical organizer repeatedly and in a pace that accommodates studentsí learning.

Self Monitoring

Goal Selection
High school students perform better when their goals are self-selected rather than assigned


Graphing Calculators
When used appropriately, calculators assist in increasing conceptual and procedural knowledge of mathematics.


Curriculum Planning

Girls Only Classroom Instruction
An implementation of single-sex classes within a coeducational middle or high school.

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